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General Trivia    Dates of Betty's "Movies"

General Trivia
Betty Boop was born in the early 1930's at the Fleishcher Brothers studio in New York.
Max Fleishcher, Betty's "Uncle Max", was born in Vienna, Austria in 1884.
The majority of Betty Boop voices was done by Mae Questel. Mae Questel died at the age of 89, on January 4th, 1998.
Her cartoons were actually designed for adults not children.
Her debut came in the 1930's Dizzy Dishes. She appeared in this cartoon as a dog character with long floppy ears and a very voluptuous human body. Her long ears became earrings and she was transformed into human form in Any Rags.
She appears as herself in all of her cartoons, except for: The Bum Bandit she plays 'Dangerous Ann Megrue' and in Barnacle Bill she plays 'Nancy Lee'.
Betty has been shown in many different careers. Some were dancer, cook, nurse, doctor, presidential candidate, race car driver, singer, pilot, secretary, babysitter, army recruiter, teacher, housekeeper, judge, and circus performer.
In 1933, Betty's garter was banned.
Betty's one and only colored cartoon in the 1930s was Poor Cinderalla.
Betty Boop even had some famous guest stars: Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong, the Royal Samoans, and Don Redman.
Betty Boop also appeared as a non-cartoon with Bela Lugosi as Dracula in 1933's Hollywood on Parade No. 8. Dracula is quoted as saying, "Boop! You have Booped your last Boop!"

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